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Hastings Woodward Design is a boutique design firm in the heart of the Los Angeles Design Quarter.  We specialize in custom interior design for a discerning clientele.  We value quality, creativity, privacy and comfort.  

We are foremost driven by our relationships with our clients, which span a spectrum of scope, need and budget.  While our services are exclusive, our ethos is to embrace an open and wide body of work. 

We believe that every client is unique, and that every project deserves to be tailored as such.  As a bespoke service, our goal is to achieve a one of a kind experience and environment for each and every project, and to cultivate a meaningful and lasting connection with each client.

Because of client privacy, we look forward to sharing our complete portfolio upon request.



Christina K Woodward

Principal Interior Designer / Owner


Hastings Woodward Design Studio

8222 Melrose Avenue, Suite 304

Los Angeles, CA 90046


Telephone:  310-982-6111

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